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LdapSaisie is a Web application developed to manage LDAP directory. It has been written in PHP / JavaScript and is published under the GNU GPL license. This application is designed to abstract the complexity of the directory through a simple and intuitive administration interface. It was designed with the objective of maximal modularity and easy extension or adaptation: you can use modules, extensions and plugins. LdapSaisie allows any system administrator to manage data stored inside a LDAP server, and thus administrate its information system in a simple manner. It's also possible to let users access their own data, with read-only or read-write access.


  • Management of one or several directories;
  • Management of simple and multi-branch directories;
  • Able to manage unlimited objects types;
  • Allow unlimited users to connect to the interface;
  • A smooth rights management allows to manage each object and attributes access rights, and allows to delegate rights;
  • Able to manage a lot of attribute type. Each attribute is given specific features which ease application navigation (Automatic password generation, field auto-completion);
  • Able to manage high rate of attributes verification rules;
  • Easy management of objects relationships;
  • Easy modification of application design using templates;
  • Management of personalized triggers, which allows to execute you own scripts, functions or methods at any action. The triggers scope is set to able a whole modification of application behavior;
  • Smooth attributes visualization management, allowing to auto-modify attributes according to others;
  • Possibility to manage hidden attributes.